6 1 writing traits ideas

Matt snarfed the steamy, cheesy pizza. Which signs and billboards attract your attention? For example, if you are in the library, you may stop in front of your favorite author's section or a painting. Cut the text into pieces and have the students play with it like a puzzle. There is no need to do them all at once.

Connections are strong, which is another way of saying that bridges from one idea to the next hold up. Sometimes even "walking the classroom" will help students generate ideas. Picture a Sentence Have students select a piece of their writing.

It is a form of brainstorming. At the end of the time frame, I discreetly take up the pictures and have the students switch places leaving the Lego baggies and their directions on the desk.

Keep asking questions until the you have generated a lot of specific ideas 4. Click here to access the entire lesson on-line. She is making us do this for a long time. I then give the students on the right side of the divider the picture of the other Lego structure and a baggies with the needed supplies.

When you slow down time to write about it, students can think about details in interesting new ways. Outside, you may stop in front of a tree or a swing set. There are tons of ways to use it, but here is one way that always works in my classroom.

Word Choice Word Choice is the use of rich, colorful, precise language that communicates not just in a functional way, but in a way that moves and enlightens the reader. One Minute in Time Inspired by: Also, imagination and fantasy is notoriously difficult for our students on the autism spectrum, so be prepared to spend quite a bit of time drawing out personal experiences for them to base their writing on.

Take students on a walk to a different part of the school or outside if weather permits.

What are the Traits?

What makes the Smekens approach to the 6 Traits unique? Matt snarfed the cheesy pizza. Generating Writing Ideas for Elementary Students written by: So, model the assignment. Trait of Voice Increase reader engagement with intentional writer feeling, attitude, and emotion.

To make teaching writing like this work, your students need to be exposed to mentor texts that use a specific writing trait. Then I arrange the desks so that every two desks are facing each other. Then I put the Legos needed for each structure into different baggies again enough of each for every two students.

Trait of Sentence Fluency Improve the readability of a piece with complete thoughts and sentence variety. Serendipitous Crazy Illustrations Squiggles: If all of the boxes are about the same size, their sentences are similar in length.

They can do this activity in their writing journals. References Author experience as an elementary school teacher and writing specialist K-5 Post navigation. Keep asking questions until the you have generated a lot of specific ideas 4.

6 + 1 Trait Writing

Demonstrate orally what ideas you are generating when you look at this object. If it does, then ask them to write their writing ideas in their journals. Conventions The Conventions trait is the mechanical correctness of the piece and includes five elements: The Top-Three Game Overview:Introducing the 6 Traits to Students.

2 The light bulb is used for ideas. It represents the topic of the writ- the writing more easily. Trait of IDEAS Trait of ORGANIZATION * Denotes titles that would be appropriate to introduce all 6 Traits.

4 Trait Introduction Schedule DAY MINI-LESSON STRATEGY (e.g., picture book title. Each of the writing traits--idea development included--can be broken down into multiple smaller writing skills that--when working together--make-up the bigger trait.

6 Traits of Writing

Below, find some of our webmaster's favorite resources and lessons that focus specifically on one idea development sub-skill: balancing showing and telling. A great writing teacher finds the time to explore as many of each trait's subskills as possible.

Editing Writing 6 1 Writing Traits 6 Traits Writing Ideas Writing Strategies Essay Writing High School English Creative Writing Writer Workshop Forward Modify- 3 bullets for each trait, no weird ocean background.

Apr 26,  · The first of the 6 traits of writing. It all comes down to this: 1 - Select an idea you are passionate about. 2 - Keep your writing to a single idea.

6 + 1 Traits of Writing Lesson Plan to Focus on the Ideas Trait

Download Kristina's Favorite Picture Books for Teaching the 6 Traits Posted on April 17, Many teachers choose to introduce each of the 6 Traits by reading a text that exemplifies the trait. The six researched components of all good writing (ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, and conventions) need to be introduced to students in a kid-friendly Download Kristina's Favorite Picture Books for Teaching the 6 Traits.

6 1 writing traits ideas
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